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MST Academy Barnsley provides a safe environment for beginners and those returning to practice martial arts. Classes cater to all ages and abilities.


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Benefits of Martial Arts

Martial arts can help reduce stress and anxiety by encouraging you to practice deep breathing, meditation, and mindfulness. It helps train your mind to keep your attention focused while remaining calm and alert. This can be especially helpful when you’re trying to do multiple tasks that divide your attention.


Grand Master Siddall 8th Dan Taekwondo. Founder of MST Academy

The teachings, techniques and etiquette taught in our classes today are those passed down by Grand Master Siddall over the past 30 years.

MST Core Training Values


All students will respect the teaching of the instructors. In return all instructors will respect their students.


Students can trust that the class and the lessons taught will improve them to reach their goals.


A students ability to be honest and evaluate themselves is key to improving in martial arts and their character


Effort is required throughout the martial arts journey without effort we cannot achieve.


Only through self discipline will a student achieve their goals and perform at their best.


Safety is paramount to ensuring success. Students should never be placed in any form of danger.


MST Academy offers a variety of martial arts allowing students to choose a single discipline or learn multiple to become an all round martial artist.

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