MST Academy – Barnsley Martial Arts Centre


MST Academy martial arts centre, is located in Worsbrough, Barnsley. Operated by Grand Master Siddall 8th Dan Taekwondo. The club has been teaching a range of martial arts in the South Yorkshire area since the 1980’s.

Based in the Amity International Industrial Estate on West Street at Worsbrough, MST Academy is dedicated to classes in Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Iaido and Tai Chi.


MST Academy Taekwondo Class
MST Academy Taekwondo Class Worsbrough Dojang

“Build Self-Confidence, Stamina and fitness. Learn Etiquette, Respect and Discipline”


MST Academy Kickboxing
MST Academy Kickboxing Class Worsbrough Dojang

“All of our classes are open to all age groups of men, women and children alike. With the aim being to gain a qualification at the end.”


MST Academy Iaido Japanese sword
MST Academy Iaido Class Worsbrough

 Tai Chi

MST Academy Currently has vacancies in most classes and is an ideal opportunity not just for adults, but also for children to learn a martial art and at the same time enjoy the actual learning.

“We have over 30 black belts in the various classes that we teach, including six of them being ‘Master’ grades. Providing a wealth of experience.”

So if your thinking of joining or getting your children involved why not pop along to one of classes and try it – the first class is always free. If you enjoy it then join, your membership will include a free suit, 1st year insurance and the 1st month of classes free – no matter how many classes you attend.

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